week 1: CPK’s bbq chicken pizza

officially in our 4th week of being married! work/school are back in full swing now.

even after a full day of work and a long commute yesterday, i was super excited and energized to start this cooking adventure! kevin and i love California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ chicken pizza (as well as pizza in general) and we have often, in our dating years, bought the frozen version from the grocery store and eaten it for low-key date nights. pizza also personally brings back good childhood memories for me. during the summer time, my mom would make homemade pizza and we would take it to the pool and spend hours swimming, hanging out with friends/family, and of course, eating the delicious pizza! kevin and i figured that learning how to make homemade pizza is super useful because with all the different topping combos, you won’t get tired of it (unless you just don’t like bread and cheese).




this recipe was a winner! the pizza was mmm mmmm good. super cheesy and smoky; the crust was perfect! not too thick, not too thin. now we want to go to CPK and order this pizza so we can compare!

a few notes:

  • we combined a few of the top recipes for bbq chicken pizza that we found via a google search and then watched a legit video from CPK that tells you what ingredients go into their pizza (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubj4xYMxzLs). the secret ingredient: smoked gouda cheese!
  • for the dough, we used Trader Joe’s plain pizza dough. next time i think we’ll need to work with the dough a bit more before letting it sit and rise. it took us a while to make a nice big circle for the pizza. also, splitting the dough in half gives you two decent sized pizzas! we were only able to finish one.
  • for the BBQ sauce we used Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce. CPK recommends a memphis style (tomato based) BBQ sauce.
  • we add some sliced garlic on our pizza to “kick it up a notch.” they were a little undercooked so next time i think we’ll roast them with the chicken, before putting them on the dough.
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