scallion pancakes (pajeon) & tomato eggs

sooo i decided that it’s okay to try more than one new recipe a week if my heart so desires 🙂 monday was chinese food, tonight was korean food! (err for the most part…tomato eggs are chinese. we had to make them though because the tomatoes were on the verge of going bad!).


this was our delicious spread for the evening! my mom marinated and froze bulgogi for us to take to our new apartment, after the honeymoon. we just added some onions and mushrooms to cook with the meat. i tried to make some ssamjang (the sauce that goes with the stuff you wrap inside the sesame leaves), but i didn’t have doenjang (Korean soy bean paste) or regular gochujjang (red pepper paste) so i played around with the cho gochujang that we had and added some things. the secret to playing down the sweetness and sourness of this variant of regular gochujang was MAYONNAISE! what a life saver!




for the scallion pancakes and dipping sauce, i followed the recipe on this popular korean food website called Maangchi (which means “hammer” in korean. why? i have no idea…).

for the tomato eggs, followed a rather easy recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

both of the recipes were good! not amazing, but still pretty good. i wonder if there’s a way to bring out the scallion taste more in the pancakes…? im thinking of eating those eggs with breakfast sometime in the next few days.

a few notes:

  • for the scallion pancakes, we had to add more water than the recipe called for because we only had whole wheat flour at home, which tends to be a bit more dense. next time we might try to put less of the mixture on the pan and make it thinner and more crispy! also, im thinking regular all purpose flour OR flour made specifically for the purpose of these pancakes, is the way to go!
  • for the dipping sauce, i added some red pepper powder and chopped garlic (as per recommendation of my mommy!)
  • for the tomato eggs, we added some ketchup while cooking the tomatoes. i’m pretty sure it acts as a thickening agent. also, it adds sugar to the sauce! 🙂 kevin noted that the tomatoes shouldn’t be overcooked (which we unfortunately did), or else they’ll just turn into mush

ps. i love sesame leaves! they’re like asian mint leaves! sooo good!

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