peppermint mocha: skinny or not so skinny?

i know i don’t usually post on fridays and i know this post actually has nothing to do with us cooking anything, BUT i thought i’d still share some thoughts/ranting 🙂

i absolutely love the Holidays! who doesn’t? red cups at Starbucks definitely add to my excitement and joy 🙂


my favorite holiday drink at Starbucks, hands down, is a good ole peppermint mocha (first introduced to me by my dear friend Madison Lussier). earlier this week i decided to try a skinny peppermint mocha at Starbucks. today, i got my usual non fat, no whip cream, peppermint mocha. let’s just say that there’s a reason why the skinny peppermint mocha is 120 calories fewer than my regular peppermint mocha. my verdict? pass on the skinny version 🙂

im on a hunt for a good peppermint mocha recipe so we can make them at home all this next month-ish.

happy friday everyone!

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