mac & cheese pizza

this is PART 2 of our pizza making adventures at the Ing Thanksgiving this past weekend. the last post was starting to get long so i decided to split up the two pizza posts.


my lovely and resourceful cousin, Mel, saw that we there was a 3rd bag of pizza dough and some of kevin’s mom’s “made-from-scratch,” gourmet, mac & cheese in the fridge, so she spontaneously decided to make some mac & cheese pizza! it was so soooo good!

she hadn’t worked with Trader Joe’s pizza dough before, but she was a pro 🙂


by the way, it was Trader Joe’s garlic and herb pizza dough. i hadn’t tried it yet because i was afraid the taste might clash or be too overpowering with things like pesto or other things we’ve made. i’m so glad that we finally did! it tasted AMAZING! i imagine it would be delicious for a simple cheese pizza or a calzone. yum!


the pizza didn’t call for any sauce. it was just mac & cheese, bacon, and some shredded 4 cheese italian blend on top. so simple but so delicious! you can probably use any mac and cheese that you want. we baked it in the pizza oven and voila!


yum yum yum! it actually kinda looked and tasted like Bar’s mashed potato pizza, a New Haven must-eat, so like our clam & sausage pizza, it brought back a flood of great Yale memories.

such a great weekend with family! we are so thankful.

more Thanksgiving dinners (and thereby blogposts) to come!

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