soft tofu soup & spicy rice cake

sooo when we went home to my parents’ for New Year’s Day, my mom packed us a bunch of Korean groceries to take back with us. the result? trying out some Korean recipes!

on Saturday night we made soft tofu soup (aka soondubu jjeegae)! i loooove this soup. it’s always on the top of my “list of foods i want to eat” when i go home. it makes me really happy that this soup has become popular among non-Koreans too, with places like BCD (aka tofu house) springing up nation wide.


recipe and photo courtesy of Maangchi. as she always says, it was “so delicious!”

on Sunday, we made spicy rice cake (aka ddukbokki). this food = comfort food. it reminds me of days after church when my family wanted something warm, easy, and reeeeeeally good to eat. we would usually eat this with gimbab!


traditional ddukbokki usually calls for cylindrically shaped rice cakes (see above). we had the flat rice cakes (see below), so we just used those instead. we followed a recipe from Maangchi (yes, again), with a few changes. we only used 3/4 lb of rice cake because we added dumplings (mandoo)! we also didn’t add fish cakes or hard boiled eggs. it was just the rice cake, mandoo, onions, and green onions. yummm! it was soooo good and also super easy/quick to make! it took me about 15 minutes tops!

flat dduk

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