chickpea stuffed eggplant

this post is looong overdue! i wrote it at the beginning of last week but was so busy gearing up for a church retreat (that i just got back from a few hours ago), that i didn’t have a chance to publish it! anywhooo, here it is!

one thing i love about cooking is that you get to be creative, coming up with delicious meals from whatever ingredients you already have in the fridge. last week we had 2 whole eggplants waiting/needing to be consumed. we also had some leftover chicken shawarma. the result? mediterranean style stuffed eggplant!


i was inspired by this recipe, created by this cute gal who farms in Oregon with her hubby. we made a few changes, namely using quinoa instead of couscous, adding the chicken shawarma, and adding more veggies (mushrooms) and spices (turmeric, all spice, & cumin, all spices used in the chicken shawarma). for the tahini, we just used Trader Joe’s ready made tahini, with some hummus and water mixed in.

twas delicious and healthy! perfect as a post run meal.

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