skinny chicken pot pie

chicken pot pie

mmm chicken pot pie…the ultimate comfort food. the idea of cooking chicken pot pie has always seemed daunting, though, because it takes a fair amount of time and effort (aka love) to make that perfect, buttery pie crust. further, just knowing how high in calories chicken pot pie can be, has deterred me even more.

but all those concerns came to an end when i discovered a great skinny chicken pot pie recipe from a blog called “Eat Yourself Skinny.” it’s only 286 calories per serving (because it only uses a crust on the top of the pie, fat free half & half, and fat free chicken broth) AND it’s super easy to make (because it calls for ready made biscuits for the crust).


for our chicken pot pie, we used Pillsbury’s buttermilk biscuits for the crust. we also put everything in one medium sized (1.5 qt) ramekin/corningware dish instead of 5 separate ramekins and it was perfect!

our verdict? suuuuper delicious! kevin thought the thyme was a bit much, but i like thyme and strong herb-y flavors. our only note is that the bottom of our biscuits weren’t cooked all the way through. next time we’ll cover the pot pies with foil and bake them for a while, and then take off the foil and bake the pies some more. that way the biscuits won’t burn but will definitely be cooked all the way through.

yum yum yum!

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